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English Novel in the Magazines, 1740-1815

Cover of English Novel in the Magazines, 1740-1815

The English Novel in the Magazines, 1740-1815, explores the popularity of magazines in the nineteenth century and the ways that much of the published fiction of the time appeared serially in these publications. Robert D. Mayo’s groundbreaking study remains important to scholars of the nineteenth century as one of the first books to examine in a systematic manner the impact of magazines on reading and the dissemination of fiction in nineteenth-century England.

About the Author

ROBERT DONALD MAYO (1910-1998) was a professor of English at Northwestern University for 35 years. A native of Chicago, he earned his Ph.D. at Princeton University and taught at Oberlin College and Northwestern University. He edited The Analyst, and published widely on 18th century English fiction.


By Robert D. Mayo

Publication Date: 1962

  • England
  • 18th Century
  • DOI: 10.21985/N29Q76

    E-ISBN: 978-0-8101-3857-5

    P-ISBN: 978-0-8101-3856-8

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