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Selected Prose of N. M. Karamzin

Cover of Selected Prose of N. M. Karamzin

In Selected Prose of N. M. Karamzin, Henry Nebel’s translation and extensive introductory material presents a collection of primary sources by a Russian author whose tales explore the creative exploitation of sentimentalism’s potentialities.

About the Author

NIKOLAI MIKHAILOVICH KARAMZIN (1766-1826) was a Russian writer, poet, historian, journalist, and critic. Karamzin promoted the sentimentalist school of thought in Russia, and his other works include the twelve-volume History of the Russian State. HENRY MARTIN NEBEL (born 1921) was awarded his Ph. D. from Columbia University in 1960 was a professor at Northwestern University.


By N. M. Karamzin, translated and with an introduction by Henry M. Nebel Jr.

Publication Date: 1969

  • Russia
  • 16th Century
  • DOI: 10.21985/N2271X

    E-ISBN: 978-0-8101-3861-2

    P-ISBN: 978-0-8101-3860-5

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